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Scrapbook Pages - Great Ideas for Organizing Your Scrapbook Pages

Whether you are scrapbooking digitally or you are doing traditional scrapbooking, sometimes figuring out how to organize your scrapbook pages can be a bit difficult for you. You spend time working on each scrapbook page layout, making sure everything is perfect, then you try to figure out where the page should go in the scrapbook. Well, there are a variety of ways that you can organize the scrapbook pages in your scrapbook. Here are a few ideas that you may want to consider.

Scrapbooking Page Idea #1 - Organize in Chronological Order - One excellent way to get your scrapbook pages organized is to put them in order by chronological order. This is especially a great way to organize your scrapbooking pages within a baby scrapbook or other scrapbook that may follow a timeline. Although it’s not the only option out there, it’s an excellent option for many scrapbooks when you want to have some kind of organization and order for the pages.

Scrapbooking Page Idea #2 - Organize by Categories - Another great idea for getting your scrapbook pages organized in the scrapbook is to organize by categories. Keep pages of similar categories together. For example, if you are doing a baby book, instead of the chronological order, consider having categories, such as the baby firsts, to help you organize the book. This is a simple way to organize pages if you don’t have a specific chronological order for them.

Scrapbooking Page Idea #3 - Use Themes to Organize Pages - Using themes to organize pages is another excellent idea for organizing your scrapbook pages. Perhaps you are doing a scrapbook on your last vacation. Consider using different themes and putting pages that go within that theme together. You can use your backgrounds and embellishments to go along with the theme as well and then use this method for organization.

Scrapbooking Page Idea #4 - Choose a Random Method of Organization - In reality, you don’t always have to have a specific method of organizing those scrapbook pages within your scrapbook. Sometimes just a random method of organization can be fun. This allows you to put pages in the book as you complete them.

Scrapbooking Page Idea #5 - Colour as a Method of Organization - Organizing your scrapbook by colour can be a bit wacky but a lot of fun specifically if it is already within in a theme and it’s not particularly important what order your picture go in. Why not try to organize your pages by color that way each time you turn your pages you will be dazzled by a completely different feel of the various color you happen to have been working with.

There are definitely many ways to organize those scrapbook pages for your scrapbook. Whether you love everything in order or you are someone who enjoys a bit of chaos, there are organizational ideas that you should like. So, use these ideas, put your scrapbook pages in order, and then enjoy going through the scrapbooks again and again.

Will I see you at Australia’s annual Scrapbook & Papercraft Convention & Expo?

The who’s who of Scrapbooking will be there – will you be?

This year’s line up of tutors is extraordinary with most of the tutors having 10 years experience or more with Scrapbooking. A large majority of the speakers are Internationally Published experts in Scrapbooking and a few have even been shipped over hear from the USA specifically for this event! They will all be there for 3 days teaching anyone who is keen to learn.

Not only will you find the who’s who in scrapbooking at the expo but all the representatives for all the leading scrapbooking and papercraft from around the country will have on display the latest products that you will be able to purchase and take home with you. Everything you have ever dreamt of in scrapbooking will be available from Scrapbooking Kits, General Scrapbooking Supplies and every tool you can think of for scrapbooking, stamping, cardmaking and all related papercrafts.

I’ll even let you in on a secret at the scrapbooking expo you will see new products never before seen they will be launched at the expo!!! I can’t wait. You will also get to see all the latest ranges of scrapbooking, stamping, cardmaking and papercrafts. This is a wonderful opportunity to stock up on all the latest products and supplies and as this is an expo and all the products are sold by the distributors so you get the best possible prices. I have checked the details and the range of retailers is huge plus you get to see all the demonstrations. Not to mention it’s a great opportunity to meet new people who all share the same passion as you.

One of the things I really enjoy when going to scrapbooking shows like this is that you get to see an amazing range of different displays and layouts created by the best Australia and the world has to offer. You can’t help but to leave with your head popping with ideas and inspiration straight from the tutors and the demonstrators.

You can also attend classes to help you improve your skills - simply choose a class that is of interest to you and you can scrapbook right there and then most classes are 2 hours long and range in price from $30 - $50 and the class included some of the latest products for you to use and the supplies that you need supplied by the sponsors.

I told you the who’s who of Scrapbooking will be there I mean all you need to do is look at the sponsors you’ll find representatives for Fiskars, Friendly Plastic, K & Company, Krafty Lady Art Moulds, Making Memories, My Mind’s Eye, Pipe Dreamink, Opals and Provocraft just to name a small few of the sponsors.

The Scrapbooking Expo is held only once a year and only ever in Brisbane. This year it is June 6 to 8, 2009 ~ June long weekend at Brisbane’s exhibition centre south bank 9am to 5pm daily.

The Scrapbooking Expo Tutors for 2009 are Ngaire Bartlam, Lu Benson, Sue Bowers, Lynette Carroll (USA), Jane Clark, Nicole Farrell, Jill Geraghty-Groves, Cassandra Glass, Niamh Henshaw, Mylene Hillam, Jodi Holbrook (USA), Melissa Kennedy, Angela O’Neale, Sara Pearcy, Zoe Pearn, Noralee Peterson (USA), Rachel Richter, Andrea Thompson, Teneale Williams and Alison Wood – WOW!!!!

I can’t wait I hope to see you at the expo but if not I’ll be more than happy to blog as much as I can of the event for you.

Creative Scrapbooking - Making a Business Out of Scrapbooking

Do you enjoy creative scrapbooking? Perhaps you spend a lot of your time scrapbooking. If this is the case, you may want to consider actually starting up your own scrapbooking business. Just think, you’ll be enjoying yourself, using the familiar scrapbooking tools you love, and all the while you’ll be making money. Of course if you are considering scrapbooking as a business, there are some things to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind if this sounds like something you’re interested in.

Two Types of Businesses

First of all, it’s important that you realize that there are two types of businesses out there. If you want to start a creative scrapbooking business, you can either work selling supplies for scrapbookers or you can actually scrapbook for other people as your business. Of course yet another option is to combine the two business options. Selling the supplies can be a great business, but if you really enjoy doing the scrapbooking, then you may want to actually do the scrapbooking for other people.

Marketing the Business

Marketing your creating scrapbooking business is also going to be important if you decide to make this a business. If you are designing scrapbooking pages for others, don’t expect to just suddenly have business. You are going to have to market your business in order to make money. You can go through traditional sales methods or you can consider selling and marketing online. Today many people find that the easiest method is marketing online, since you get a broader base to appeal to.

Legal Information for Starting Your Scrapbooking Business

Of course there is some legal information to keep in mind when starting up a creative scrapbooking business as well. First of all, it’s important that you keep great records of the business. You’ll have to report both expenses and income to the IRS each year, so you will need to keep up with those records. In some cases you may need a license or a permit to start this type of a business where you live. Check in your area to find out what kind of laws are on the books and what you have to do to have a business at home.

Have Fun and Make Money While Scrapbooking

The best thing about having your own creative scrapbooking business is that it gives you the opportunity to have some fun and make money. Since you enjoy creative scrapbooking, why not have a business of your own and do something you love while making some money. Many people never get to do something they love. So, if scrapbooking is your love, maybe starting a business is a great option for you.

Scrapbooking Crafts - Scrapbooking Techniques for the Advanced Scrapbooker

Once you’ve learned how to scrapbook and you’ve caught on to the basics, you may be wondering if there is more you can do with your scrapbooking crafts. Actually there are a variety of great advanced techniques that you can use once you know the basics. They add a lot more to your scrapbook and allow you to make it look even better. If you’re looking for some great techniques to make your scrapbooking crafts a bit more advanced, here is a look at some great techniques that are great for the advanced scrapbooker.

Advanced Technique #1 - Using Rubber Stamps - When you are a bit more advanced at scrapbooking crafts, one great advanced technique to use is using rubber stamps on your scrapbooking pages. All you’ll need is some great rubber stamps as well as some ink that is acid free. Then you can stamp all different types of images around the pages. They’ll compliment your pictures and the entire design that you are working on. They really are not that difficult to use either. You can pick them up at most craft stores for reasonable prices.

Advanced Technique #2 - Chalking - Another great advanced technique to try if you are looking for ways to add more to your pages is chalking. Chalking can add so much to your scrapbooking crafts. It works well on various papers and helps to add color as well as a bit of dimension to your scrapbooking pages. If you print out pictures on paper, you can even use chalk to change the hue of the picture for a unique look. All you need is a bit of imagination and you’ll be able to come up with many great ideas for chalking. If you make mistakes, make sure you erase it right away so it doesn’t set, then try again.Here is a helpful Video on Chalking

Advanced Technique #3 - Adding Journaling Blocks - Journaling is a great technique for those more advanced at scrapbooking crafts and it definitely adds a whole lot to your scrapbooking pages as well. You can create small blocks that are specific for journaling. This can be done out of fabric or paper. Then you can add the journaling to the block and even add some embellishments to these special blocks. Just make sure you wait until after doing the journaling to attach the blocks. This way if you make a mistake you simply make a new block instead of trying to get it off the page without doing any damage.

These are just a few of the great advanced techniques out there that can be used for your scrapbooking crafts. So, after you learn the basics of how to scrapbook, go on to use techniques that are more advanced. You’ll have so many more options when doing your scrapbooking crafts and you’ll enjoy seeing how your pages turn out.  If you are looking for more ideas I suggest you purchase Scrapbooking Companion with over 100 pages overflowing with information tips and ideas on Scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking - It’s all about the tools

You wouldn’t expect a painter to come to your house to paint with only a dried up old paint brush. When you want a job done it’s really important to make sure that you have the tools that will make the job easy. It’s the same when you are Scrapbooking.

While there are heaps of great tools you can use there is one that is commonly overlooked and I believe to be under rated is the Fiskars Shape Cutter. It wasn’t until I was talking with a friend of my who purchased the Fiskars Cutter under my recommendation when frustrated she mentioned that she was having trouble with this is showed her the way it was supposed to be used that she really got the benefit of easy cutting for her scrapbooking out of the Cutter. Now she raves about the Fiskars Shape Cutter so I thought I would share the tips with you as well.

One thing to remember when using the Shape Cutter is to make sure that the cutting mat that you are using is not too soft. If the mat is too soft then often you will find that the blade is cutting too far into the cutting mat and quickly making your blade blunt. So while it is always recommended that you use a cutting mat so as not to cut your furniture it is important that the mat you have isn’t too soft.

The next thing to do is make sure that you are using the Fiskars Shape Cutter correctly I have found a great YouTube video that explains the best way to use the Fiskars Cutter have a look this should help.

Enjoy cutting out all those difficult little embellishments.

Scrapbook Pages - Tips for Finding Great Scrapbooking Resources

When you are creating your scrapbook pages, you may often wonder where you can get some great resources to help you out. Whether you are scrapbooking traditionally or getting involved in digital scrapbooking, resources can be helpful for providing you with ideas and tips. Not sure where to go to find great resources? Well, here are some tips to find some great scrapbooking resources that will help you create great scrapbook pages.

Tip #1 - Check with Friends Who Scrapbook for Ideas - One of the best places to get scrapbooking resources for your scrapbook pages is to check with your friends who scrapbook for some ideas. If they have been scrapbooking for some time, they’ll know the best resources for finding great scrapbooking tools, ideas, and more. Ask them for some input and they’ll probably be able to help you out.

Tip #2 - Read Scrapbooking Magazines for Great Resources - Reading scrapbooking magazines can also help you to find great resources to help you out with your scrapbook pages as well. Many magazines not only provide helpful articles, but they provide you a great resource to find out more about scrapbooking. You’ll learn new techniques and get great ideas as well.

Tip #3 - Spend Time Reading Online Articles - The internet is a great resource. It’s easy to access and you’ll find that there are many online articles out there that can help you out when creating your own scrapbook pages. If you want great resources, get online and start looking. You’ll be sure to find many of them.

Tip #4 - Join Scrapbooking Forums - Joining some of the scrapbooking forums online is an excellent option as well if you want to find more resources to help you create your scrapbooking pages. In the forums you’ll be able to talk to avid scrapbookers across the world. They can help you find great resources for scrapbook templates, scrapbook tolls, and more. You’ll enjoy all the advice that those in the forums can offer you.

So, if you need good resources to help you as you begin creating scrapbook pages, these are a few tips for finding them. With the right resources, your scrapbook pages will be better than ever.

Getting Started with Scrapbooking Crafts

Perhaps you have seen the scrapbooking crafts of others, and thought that it would be exciting to start scrapbooking yourself. Scrapbooking is definitely a whole lot of fun, but it is a good idea to take some time to learn about it before you get started. If you are interested in getting started with your own scrapbooking crafts, here are a few things you’ll definitely want to do to get a good start.

Start by Getting the Supplies and Tools You Need

First of all, if you want to get started on scrapbooking crafts and learn how to scrapbook, it’s a good idea to start by getting the supplies that you need as well as any tools that you don’t have. You’ll of course need to have a scrapbook as well as some basic items like backgrounds and embellishments. Scissors / Trimmers and glue are two of the most important tools to have on hand, but stencils, pencils, and even a ruler can be helpful.

Organize Your Pictures

Next you are going to want to find all your pictures and then get them organized. If you don’t have your photos all organized, when you get started with your scrapbooking crafts, it can get pretty difficult to find what you are looking for. This way you can easily find the picture you are looking for and put it right into the scrapbook page layout that you are working on.

Consider Taking a Class

Another great idea to help you get started with scrapbooking crafts is to consider taking a class on scrapbooking. There are a variety of stores that often will offer classes for free. Other community places may offer scrapbooking classes for a small fee. You’ll learn the basics of scrapbooking, which will help you to get a good start.

Check Out Magazines for Ideas and Information

You can also check out magazines for ideas and information on scrapbooking crafts. There are many scrapbooking magazines out there that you can order that can be a huge help to you. Not only do they offer you some great ideas, but they also offer some helpful articles to give you more information to help you as you start out with scrapbooking.

Learn More Online

If you still have questions as you are getting started with scrapbooking crafts, you can learn a lot more online. In fact, the internet is one of the best places to go for information about scrapbooking. You’ll find many visual aids to help you out and even tutorials that can help you to create your very first scrapbooking crafts successfully.

Purchase Scrapbooking Companion

I also recommend you get Scrapbooking Companion as it contains over 100 pages of great tips ideas covering all these details and so much more.  It is a great reference and a wonderful place to get started or to touch up on all your skills.

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