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Free Scrapbooking - How to Make a Digital Scrapbook of Your Own

Ever wished that you could scrapbook for free? You can! Free scrapbooking is available today if you decide to go with free digital scrapbooking, which is available online. You’ll find that you can make a digital scrapbook of your own, and the best part of it is that you can do it for free. Does free scrapbooking sound great to you? If so, here’s a closer look at digital scrapbooking and how to make a digital scrapbook of your very own.

The Cons of Conventional Scrapbooking

First of all, it’s important to take a look at some of the cons of conventional scrapbooking. Sure, conventional scrapbooking is a wonderful art and a lot of fun, but there are a few cons, especially when compared to free scrapbooking online. When you learn how to scrapbook traditionally, you’ll end up having to buy papers, tools, stickers, and so much more. All this can really add up and become quite expensive. For this reason, more people are beginning to start digital scrapbooking.

What You’ll Need

So, you may be wondering what you are going to need for your free scrapbooking. Well, it’s pretty simple. Of course you’ll need a computer, which most people already have. You’ll also need a digital camera, a good scanner, software, and a good photo program. There’s a good chance you already have these things in your home. Well, with these items, you can scrapbook over and over again for free.

Rounding Up Photos to Get Started

If you are going to start doing some free scrapbooking, the first thing to do is to start rounding up all of your photos. You’re going to need your favorite photos if you’re going to get involved in free digital scrapbooking. Go around your home and get your important photos. If they are already developed, you can scan them onto your computer. If your picture are on your digital camera, all you’ll need to do is to hook it up to your computer and download them so you can use them for your scrapbook online.

Little Clutter and Little Mess

When you get involved in free scrapbooking digitally, you’ll find that there is little clutter and mess to worry about. You won’t have supplies and tools scattered everywhere. You won’t have a big mess to clean up when you are done. Everything will be on the computer, making it simple for you. You’ll have more time to scrapbook instead of setting up and cleaning up.

Start Sending Your Pages to Others

When you start free scrapbooking online, you can then start sending your pages to others. After you learn how to scrapbook digitally, it’s easy to start putting them on your website, or you can even email your pages as well. This way you get to share your work with others. They’ll enjoy seeing what you’ve created too. So, if free scrapbooking sounds great, why not start out today with free digital scrapbooking online.

Crushing Economy turns me to Digital Scrapbooking

I always enjoyed the art of the digital scrapbook but preferred to put my time and energy into the details of regular scrapbooking. But now that the economy is hitting so hard, I just don’t have the money I used to have to invest in scrapbook pages and scrapbooking crafts. I mean, they really start to add up after awhile and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so!

More and more 99 cent or Dollar stores have started stocking creative scrapbooking supplies to meet the demand of everyone who’s out there making it happen between the book covers, but the quality and cute factor of the pages, stickers and tokens are just not the same as some of the cool things you can find in other stores. Walmart, for example, carries specific packages that are perfect for theme scrapbooking but even Walmart, known for its low prices has gotten a little too expensive, since all my money has to go towards paying off debt and other fun things like bills and gas and ugghh. I’ve realized this blog has taken somewhat of a negative turn so PICTURE A YELLOW FELT SCRAPBOOK PIECE AND PLACE IT ON A LIGHT BLUE PAGE! See, bright and sunny once again. Haha.

I’ve discovered that digital scrapbooking layouts are a lot less expensive to use for my books than purchasing pre-made supplies at the store and there are all sorts of free scrapbooking sites out there that don’t require you to hold the digital software to run their programs. This is certainly appreciated because free digital scrapbooking is a much more cost effective option these days. (I’m also thinking about people who are just learning how to scrapbook, because investing in a lot of expensive scrapbooking tools just isn’t a good idea until you know that it’s something that holds your passion.)

Anyway. I like digital scrapbooking enough that it’s an easy transition for the time being but I also know that when I can afford it again, I’ll never stop with the regular scrapbooking.

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