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Crushing Economy turns me to Digital Scrapbooking

I always enjoyed the art of the digital scrapbook but preferred to put my time and energy into the details of regular scrapbooking. But now that the economy is hitting so hard, I just don’t have the money I used to have to invest in scrapbook pages and scrapbooking crafts. I mean, they really start to add up after awhile and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so!

More and more 99 cent or Dollar stores have started stocking creative scrapbooking supplies to meet the demand of everyone who’s out there making it happen between the book covers, but the quality and cute factor of the pages, stickers and tokens are just not the same as some of the cool things you can find in other stores. Walmart, for example, carries specific packages that are perfect for theme scrapbooking but even Walmart, known for its low prices has gotten a little too expensive, since all my money has to go towards paying off debt and other fun things like bills and gas and ugghh. I’ve realized this blog has taken somewhat of a negative turn so PICTURE A YELLOW FELT SCRAPBOOK PIECE AND PLACE IT ON A LIGHT BLUE PAGE! See, bright and sunny once again. Haha.

I’ve discovered that digital scrapbooking layouts are a lot less expensive to use for my books than purchasing pre-made supplies at the store and there are all sorts of free scrapbooking sites out there that don’t require you to hold the digital software to run their programs. This is certainly appreciated because free digital scrapbooking is a much more cost effective option these days. (I’m also thinking about people who are just learning how to scrapbook, because investing in a lot of expensive scrapbooking tools just isn’t a good idea until you know that it’s something that holds your passion.)

Anyway. I like digital scrapbooking enough that it’s an easy transition for the time being but I also know that when I can afford it again, I’ll never stop with the regular scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking layout in less than 5 Minutes!

Well I don’t know about you but I spend most of my time thinking about how and where I am going to position things on my scrapbook layouts.

Some times I pick the photo’s first then I look through all my scrapbook supplies and come up with some matching scapbooking card stock and some scrapbooking embellishments then I move it all around the page several times over until I’m happy with the layout and finally I glue it all in place.

Other times I simply have a theme or color that I’m working with and I look for pictures to match them. So I go through the whole layout quandary again until I come up with a scrapbook page that I’m happy with then I finally glue it in place.

This whole exercise for me takes at least 15 minutes per page and I have been scrapbooking for years.

So when I decided to see if I could find any quick scrapbookers and I came across this great YouTube Video that I thought you might like so enjoy.

Have fun Scrapbooking.

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