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Save Money with Digital Scrapbooking

Part of the reason digital scrapbooks have gained in popularity has to do with the amazing cost difference from creative scrapbooking done live. When working with a digital scrapbook, mistakes are easy to make and correct while mistakes in live scrapbook pages can mean scrapping the project and starting over. Plus, the endless cost of scrapbooking crafts, including glue, paper, ink and embellishments add up. Add the cost of reprinting photos and you are looking at a relatively high priced project. Working with digital scrapbooks, however, is another story.

Digital scrapbooks are more cost effective for many reasons. As mentioned above, mistakes are easily fixable when working online, not requiring you to go and repurchase a scrapbook page that didn’t work for you after all.

Downloading and color correcting your photos is free and many of the free scrapbooking sites give you the opportunity to download digital scrapbooking layouts, scrapbook templates or embellishments for free. Although the sites are limited on the freebies they are willing to give, there are enough sites that it is easy to build up a nice stock of digital scrapbooking materials to help get you started.

However you choose to save money digital scrapbooking, here are some tips on keeping your costs down.

Wait to Purchase

Although trolling through the many sites is a fun part of finding the perfect materials for your project, it can be easy to be distracted by the cool embellishments or page layouts that have nothing to do with your project. As the pricing on these downloads are typically cheap, it’s easy to get caught up buying excess product here and there. But it adds up in a hurry and the odds are, thanks to continuing advances in the digital scrapbooking world, something better will exist by the time you think you may use your impulse buy.

Compare Pricing on Scrapbooking Software

One of the areas you will spend money on is purchasing digital scrapbooking software. This software is designed to help you create, store and share your digital scrapbooks and although it is not mandatory for scrapbooking, if you get serious about creating digital scrapbooks, it will be difficult to survive solely on free scrapbooking sites.

A great way to save money on this type of software is to check wholesale outlets, Amazon or Ebay for bargains or to ask for advice on the chat boards on how to get a discount on the product you are interested in.

Printing it up

There are several sites where you can print up hard copies of your digital scrapbook. This will run you anywhere from twenty dollars or more, depending on the site and including shipping and handling. Some of the sites offer a satisfaction guarantee, which is a nice safeguard. Also, troll the internet for money saving coupons and sign up for the printing site’s newsletter to get alerts on pricing deals or steals.

Saving money on your digital scrapbooking does not mean you have to sacrifice the quality. Simply using a couple of money saving tips will help you to get the best deal while letting the majority of your focus go back to work on digital creative scrapbooking.


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