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Theme of the Day: Digital Scrapbook!

If all of your digital scrapbooks have started to look alike, it’s time to move onto that next and all important step in digital scrapbooking – creating themes within your scrapbook pages!

If you have ever gone to a good theme party, you probably knew just what to expect the moment the invitation arrived. This is because every detail of a theme is woven into every detail of the party. So, if the theme of the party was Hawaiian, your invitation probably had something to do with hula girls, pineapples or palm trees. The party itself probably had similar decorations, served tropical drinks and Hawaiian style food.

Creating a digital scrapbook with a theme works in the same way. Your audience will know just what to expect from your creative scrapbooking, based on the scrapbooking crafts you choose and the digital scrapbooking ideas. Here are some tips and tricks for maximizing theme work in your digital scrapbooks.

Get Creative

When you start working with themes for your scrapbooking, you will quickly discover that many of the scrapbook templates already work around a theme. For example, if your sister just had a baby, creating a project filled with baby scrapbook pages is easy, because most of the materials out there are pre-designed for this type of theme.

Instead of being typical, consider basing your theme around a more original aspect of the baby. For example, if everyone joked that the baby will be a movie start because she had such a piercing scream, go with a Hollywood theme. If the baby is named something you could create a theme around with scrapbooking tools, such as Rose or Sunshine, create your theme around that. To avoid being typical, dig just a little bit deeper to find your creative scrapbooking themes instead of just relying on the pre-themed digital scrapbooking layouts.

Find the Materials to Support It

Even though you are going to branch out on your own in some of the scrapbook page layouts, be certain that you can find the materials to support it. Many of the free scrapbooking sites have unique downloads, as do the areas where you can purchase supplies.

Window shop for your supplies before settling on a set theme. Although digital scrapbooking has been around for years, not every creative idea you come up with will be fully supported.

Create an Umbrella Theme

Another clever way to work a theme within your scrapbook pages is by creating an umbrella theme. For example, the theme of the book might be Christmas and each page has a different theme that matches with that category such as the Twelve Days of Christmas. Your twelve page book would hit each of the days.

Now that you understand a little more of the fun you could use your digital scrapbooking ideas, go out there are start using themes. Playing around with these types of ideas can help get your creative juices pumping and maintain that Wow factor for your projects.


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