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On Vacation and Digital Scrapbooking

You know you’re obsessed with digital scrapbooking if you go on vacation and find yourself wondering about the latest digital scrapbooking ideas or whether you are missing deals and steals from your favorite free scrapbooking site. Well, being obsessed with creating digital scrapbooks is not only okay, it is embraced by companies that are now offering digital scrapbooking retreats.

Popularized with regular creative scrapbooking, a digital scrapbooking retreat is the same idea. They serve as a forum for those who love everything about digital scrapbooking to learn, create and share their tips, tricks and experiences. These retreats run anywhere from two days to a week and range from rustic events held in scenic settings, such as a lakeside house or more ritzy settings such as luxury hotels. Either way, the opportunity to get away, relax and focus on your favorite hobby is the point behind these inventive activities.

When scheduling a retreat, it is important to gather up all the pertinent information you need to ensure you are booking yourself on the best digital scrapbooking retreat possible. Go on the chat boards and ask for recommendations on retreats others have been to. Scour the internet and look for opportunities that are priced in a bracket you can afford. Check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure the company has an impeccable reputation.

Once you have scheduled yourself for a scrapbooking retreat, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare before the big weekend.

Hold Off on Big Purchases

Don’t go out and purchase a bunch of new supplies simply because you want to look like you are more on top of your game than you had been before you signed up for the retreat. You should arrive with the software and scrapbooking tools you are comfortable working with, so that your time is spent on creative scrapbooking instead of trying to master a new program. Plus, scrapbooking retreats are great opportunities for you to gather information on the latest programs and techniques, so why would you make a pre-purchase? Wait until you have increased your knowledge from all the new digital scrapbook experts you will meet.

Know What You Can Afford

With that in mind, know that some retreats also serve as mini tradeshows, introducing cool new products and services to you. Before cashing in on every new opportunity that is put in front of you, know what you need and what you can afford. It’s easy to get caught up in the “I’m on vacation” spending mentality, so go into your retreat knowing what you are willing to purchase.

Have a Goal in Mind

It can also be easy to get caught up chatting or relaxing on a scrapbooking retreat. Although that is a big part of the goal, working on your project is another part of the game. Make sure you make a list of what you would like to accomplish before the retreat’s end and focus on completing your goals.

Going on a digital scrapbooking retreat is a wonderful way to embrace your new hobby and learn from others with like interests. Do your research, get prepared and then get ready to have the best digital scrapbooking experience of your life!


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