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Choosing the Right Digital Scrapbooking Program

Part of the fun of creating digital scrapbooks is deciding on the digital scrapbooking templates, digital scrapbooking ideas and scrapbooking crafts you will use to make your project come to life. With the many and widely different digital software programs available on the market, determining which company to use to best create your creative scrapbooking project is part of the fun of beginning a digital scrapbooking project.

The following is a list of three of the most popular programs on the market today and the pro’s and con’s of their use. Ultimately, when shopping for digital scrapbooking software, it’s important to keep in mind your budget, what you want it to achieve and how long you plan to keep it. This can help determine whether you should purchase one of these new options or continue doing the majority of your work through free scrapbooking sites. Hopefully, these comparisons can help you make your best decision on which product is right for you.

Polaroid My Memories

For Mac users, this program is one of the only top options out there for digital scrapbooking. Unfortunately, it also hovers at price somewhere between fifty and sixty dollars, depending on where you buy, so being thrifty is not an option with the deluxe model. However, one of the big bonuses is the ability to transfer your digital scrapbooks to your Ipod and DVDs.

The software is easy to follow, thanks to help programs installed within the program. Plus, there’s an abundance of accessible scrapbooking tools and digital layouts that will keep your creative scrapbooking exciting.

Hallmark Scrapbook Studio

One of the less expensive options on the market with the bonus of the Hallmark name, the Hallmark Scrapbook Studio comes in at around thirty dollars. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most user friendly product in the bunch thanks to a lack of live customer support and so-so features, but it still gets the job done.

You get a lot of page layouts and decorative as well as the option to link up online and import more, but in general, the importing and exporting features are not complex enough to compete with some of the higher end software suites. Compatible with XP and Windows 2000, this software literally won’t work for everyone.

An Art Explosion Factory Deluxe

This little piece of digital scrapbooking fun is a big winner in terms of support staff and how easy it is to understand. It allows for basic sharing through email and web, plus, it’s supported by every popular computer system except for Mac users.

Typically the pricing will run you around forty dollars, but if you can find in-store discounts or online coupons, you can get this digital scrapbooking bad-boy for less. It has a huge variety of page layouts and easy to use scrapbooking tools, so you know your scrapbooking crafts will be simple to achieve.

Deciding on the right software program for your digital scrapbooking is a big commitment. Be certain to go online and learn about any product you are considering through the company site and user views. With proper research, you know you will be working with the best software on the market today.


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