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Digital Scrapbooking and Stock Photography

One of the bonuses of creating a digital scrapbook is the fun of using many photos. When working on scrapbook pages online, it’s a cinch to download digital photos, color correct and add them to your project. However, even with this easy technique, sometimes your photo well will still run dry.

Finding unique photos online can solve your problem. Everyone has that moment while creating digital scrapbook pages where they wish they could include a celebrity to give their pages a comedic or glamorous tone. “Oh, if only I could Photo Shop Brad and Angelina into my digital scrapbook, these scrapbook pages would be perfect,” is not an uncommon thought.

Or, maybe you need a picture of a business to beef up your scrapbook pages. Perhaps you just took a trip to Hawaii and were having so much fun drinking the frozen lava flows that you forgot to take a picture of the restaurant that was a key part of your trip. You wish you had the picture on file to include it in your digital scrapbook and are kicking yourself that you do not.

Well, there are solutions to these problems. Many web sites can help you add to your scrapbooking crafts with the pictures they already have posted. It’s super easy (but not always legal, so don’t stop reading yet) to snap up all the photos you want for your digital scrapbooks, right clicking them and adding them to your Save As pile. Once you have the shot of the restaurant in Hawaii you were patronizing it’s easy to use your scrapbooking tools to jazz it up.

Many of the online software programs you buy support this feature. They can even help with screenshot importing, allowing you to take screenshots and paste them in without having to pull up the Paint site. This makes it easy to pull up all of the visual information you need to make your digital scrapbooking layouts unique.

However, before copying anyone’s work, it’s critical to ask for permission. Although this practice of beefing up your scrapbooking pages with online photos will probably not get you in hot water or the clink, it’s a best practice to get permission before nabbing any of the photos or sites off of the web.

To do this, get in touch with the site that posted the pictures or page. If the site is that restaurant you ate at in Hawaii, your odds are good the site won’t care if you use it for free scrapbooking. But if it’s a place with a copyrighted photo of Angie and Brad, for example, you might get the turn down – and won’t even be able to offer to pay.

If you can’t get permission to use the photo you want, check stock photography sites for similar options. These sites are awesome to find pics to use for your scrapbooking pages. Sometimes, you will have to pay a small fee and yes, this could cut into your free scrapbooking budget. If the pic is Brangelina, it just might be worth it.


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