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Newbie Tips on Digital Scrapbooking

When a person who has never seen a digital scrapbook is introduced to this high tech, memory laden form of media, the most common question is, “How can I do that?” Thanks to easy to the easy to download scrapbook page layouts and free scrapbooking tutorials widely available on the web, creating a digital scrapbook has become a simple, step by step process. Once understood, making room for creative scrapbooking ideas such as embellishments and photo manipulation are additional steps that can be taken to master the art of digital scrapbooking.

For those who are new to the process, here are some helpful tips on how to create the best digital scrapbooks today.

Save Wisely

When you start working on digital scrapbooks, you will probably start by downloading several scrapbook pages onto your hard drive. On top of that, you will most likely pull out digital photos to start determining which ones belong in your creative scrapbooking project.

The key is to invest in a high memory USB drive and save the majority of your work to it. This is the best way to avoid clogging up your computer memory with your new project.

Be a Minimalist

Trolling through the web, it’s important not to be tempted by every free scrapbooking site you see. Many of these sites will have newsletters for you to sign up for, some of them arriving in your inbox as frequently as every day. The trick to not getting overwhelmed is to not say yes to everything. Browse through all of your options before signing up for anything.

Learn From Others

That said several of the online groups have merit. Joining up with some of the virtual but live scrapbooking events can give you the opportunity to see other people’s work and chat with the members. Having this online assistance can help resolve software or photo issues that might be interfering with your digital scrapbook.

Purchase Only for Your Project

In the vein of all the digital scrapbooking sites you will encounter, keep in mind that the thousands of digital scrapbooking layouts you find are irrelevant unless you already have a project in mind. The best way to blow through too much money working on digital scrapbooking is by making impulse purchases on scrapbooking tools or scrapbook templates that do not match up with the current project. As digital media changes so quickly, spending money today on something you don’t need until tomorrow may be a big mistake – the odds are good that something better is right around the counter.

Be Patient

Although Adobe Photoshop, a common picture program used in digital scrapbooking, seems like a simple to master program it is still complex to a beginner. Visit the online tutorials to learn how to do different things through Adobe, such as eliminating red-eye, cropping your photos and even adding special effects.

These basic steps are all necessary in the exciting process of creating a digital scrapbook. Take the time to master them but just like digital scrapbooking, let yourself master them one day at a time.


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