Scrapbooking Digital

Digital Scrapbooking Takes on Tradition

Creating a digital scrapbook is one of the most exciting ways to incorporate a love for creative scrapbooking and the technological advances brought to us by new media. In fact, digital scrapbooking has grown so much in the past several years that much of the focus has shifted from traditional scrapbooking to the digital format. Finding free scrapbooking resources is a cinch and the many programs offered by digital scrapbooking sites is an exciting perk.

When digital scrapbooking first started, it was a basic process where the user had to upload their pictures into a digital scrapbooking website. Scrapbook builders would have to work on their project through the site to complete it and had limited options in terms of scrapbooking tools and live media features.

Today, there are countless pieces of digital scrapbooking software to download directly onto your computer. Plus, many websites, online magazines and hardcopy magazines offer consistent education, resources and downloadable add-ons that can keep a digital scrapbook aficionado on the cutting edge.

Even with its growing popularity, many wonder if digital scrapbooks will ever fully replace creative scrapbooking. As art is expressed in many forms, many folks find the two different arts totally separate. Some would argue that the aesthetic aspects of touching the embellishments and physically gluing them on the page are a significant part of the artistic process but the fact is, digital scrapbooking can be much more cost effective. Plus, it is a lot safer.

Knowing that your scrapbook pages are safe from being destroyed in a fire or eaten by the dog is one of the benefits of a digital scrapbook. The ease of saving scrapbook pages to a USB port or share them with friends (who can also keep them on file) is a great way to fall asleep at night without worrying about your works of art. Plus, you also don’t have to worry about cluttering up your home with the large amount of scrapbooking tools and scrapbooking pages that could be filling your dining room table - instead, they are easy to access items only brought out when developing your digital scrapbook.

As for cost, although many of the initial start up tools for digital scrapbooking can be expensive – purchasing the software to build the digital scrapbook, purchasing scrapbooking templates or digital scrapbooking layouts – many of the online sites help cut the cost by offering several free scrapbooking resources, not to mention the online sales.

Sites will often host bargain basement promotions on features like scrapbooking tools while offering free advice and assistance through online tutorials, making creating a digital scrapbook more affordable than hard copies.

Still, art is art and both forms of media are here to see. Whether your prefer creative scrapbooking the old fashioned way or using cutting edge, Web 2.0 technology to create a digital scrapbook to share online with all of your friends, the important part is the act of scrapbooking. Either way, making our memories look pretty on the page is an art that is here to stay.


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